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Why only Salads while weight loss????????

Many clients who joined me after joining some other Centres or Clinics(‪#‎WeightLossDiets‬) they complained that they only ate salads, bran, oats etc. for the weight loss. I have no clue but only answer that it may be their way to help you losing weight.
But my philosophy is completely different. For me salad is a free food that you can eat any time along with the complete balanced food(‪#‎BalancedDiet‬). At the same time salads must be salads then only it’s a free food. If you are adding oil (any oil), cream, fat or any oil based dressing to your salads better try to eat with proper meal instead of eating so called fancy salads.
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Why we need a Good Dietician ??????

Do not just focus on money while consulting a Good Dietician. I know money does matter but not at the cost of your health. If you are consulting a Good Dietician, it means she/he will do best to make you healthy. We all love to eat, but eating healthy and managing your weight is a management not that much tough to learn. You just need 2 D's, Dedication and Determination.
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Is it so difficult to fulfill the nutritional requirement????

The recommended daily amount actually equates to a quite reasonable two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables every day...... which is not so difficult to have in a day... You can have them in your cereals in breakfast, with chapati in your lunch and dinner and as a snack in your mid day's meal......... Is it still so difficult ????
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Are you giving any food supplement, powder, oat or bran diets or any other fancy diets?

We do not provide any food supplement or any kind of powder. We do not even work on bran diets, oat diets or any kind of other fancy diets available in the market. Those people who have joined some fancy diet programs (more popular now a days), once they leave the program for any reason either they are not able to manage their weight or weight bounces back. Anyways..... sorry, we are not at all working on any fancy diet or any other diets like oat, bran.. Regular meal we want to say is a meal which is easy to cook for any one and this is the reason our all clients are satisfied with our diet plans.
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Biscuits... Ahhh I love them because they are light....Really ????

I didn't know that... Many of us eat biscuits because they think that they are light, free from cholesterol and fat free.... Biscuits are made up of carbohydrates so they are a rich source of providing energy.. On the other hand if anything which is rich in calories is consumed by the body in excess, it gets converted in to fat and get deposited beneath the skin. So have them when you have done some very heavy exercise like some mall visit (walk), some kind of stressful work like shopping for hours... But remember one thing that number of biscuits should be 3-4 that too once a week (any biscuit even if it is narrie or any other wheat biscuits). Yeah Don't be surprised.
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You only lose weight when this feeling of losing weight will come from inside.

Every person has some motivation in their life, for few it could be their kids, for some it could be their best friends marriage for some it could be a foreign trip for some it could be wearing her or his dream dress...... They all are the motivations for looking gorgeous, skinny and fit. The only thing is that push which would help you in achieving that goal. If you are not in love for above any option then fall in love....... For your kids..... Friends marriage...... A nice trip...... Or for your dream dress........immediately.......
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Protein !!! protein !!! Protein !!! protein !!! Protein !!! protein !!! Protein !!!

Where ever I go people keep on asking me ,"Madam, I am taking high protein diet or consuming foods which have high protein content....But still i am not able to reduce weight... My dear friends...... There is no High or low protein diet....One has to consume a balanced diet.One has to take protein according the requirement of the body meaning 1 gm of protein per 1 kg of body weight(Recommended by dietician). Other wise you can see some side effects on your body like chipped nails, hair fall, dark circles and a log list is there......
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We have money to gain weight but NO MONEY to lose it!!!!!

First we make ourselves fat,lethargic,unhealthy and unfit by spending a HUGE MONEY and then want some body or you can say a Dietician to make us healthy,slim-trim and active and with the toned body but here we want that Dietician FREE OF COST or Who asked a very little money/Fee.... We buy branded clothes,branded shoes,branded accessories,but when it comes about health & weight loss we search FREE OF COST options. When you can SPEND money to be unhealthy why can't you INVEST MONEY TO regain your health and your toned body?????? Nothing comes Free friends in this world neither obesity nor weight loss.............