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  • Before I joined the program I tried almost everything gyming, dieting, Crash diets from google but nothing work ... One day I was surfing facebook and there I find Dietician Prerna Clinic and when I read those post that are so motivating and somthing triggered me At my frst appoinment Dietician Prerna motivated me in aatern yet carring manner .. I guess in every weight loss situation u hav to have the drive and the determination with in yourself nd i knew that this was my chance to prove to myself that i can do it...., I decide to dedicate one month to the program nd do everything i wa asked to in order to get the desire result.... Weight loss has happen but very alow but I was very happy that somthing has done but after 2 or 3 month of programs the weight loss was so dramatic and proportionate in turm of inches loss .... Than aftr 3 month of sessions the compliments started pouring in ... It added to my belief nd self confidence nd i hav never felt healthy nd better in my entire life .... nd All thanks to Dietician Prerna who taught me right eating habits nd now in future also i will maintaing the healthy eating habits ... Thanks u prerna mam it wa nice dieting with you plzz be there to help me out in future ...
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    Dr Anukrati Vijayvergiya (Online)

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  • I joined Dietician Prerna Clinic as a part of weight loss program and lost around 12 kgs in 3.5 months. My journey with Dieitician Prerna has now changed my previous aim which was losing weight to my new aim which is leading a healthy life throughout. Now I am much more aware and conscious of what I consume and how I consume. Its been a journey of knowing food and its interaction with the body. Thanks a lot Dt. Prerna, without your guidance this was just impossible.
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    Swati Singh
    Fashion Designer

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  • I got to know about Dietician Prerna Clinic through Internet surfing. After starting the diets, I felt a bit disappointed initially as the results were not satisfactory "as per my expectations" as weight loss seems to be a tough game. But believe me, Dietician Prerna proved me wrong in all aspects. I lost 10 kilos around 4 months and all becoz of the diets she gives me as I dont get enough time to spend on exercise on dialy basis. I never thought weight loss could be so easy with Dietician Prerna and lots of variety food. Tons of Thanks to my dietitian for giving the new look & embarking confidence in me..
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    Yogita Kumari
    Software Engineer

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