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Dietician- Prerna

Dietician Prerna Clinic Hyderabad "Online"

Dear Visitors,

In today's world everyone is becoming very much conscious about their health and they want to be healthy and fit. So, it's time to get ready and call your family and neighbours for a healthy treat!!! Come, join us today and explore yourself, share your thoughts, update your knowledge about food and other important topics and experience the aroma of recipes, know some eye-opening facts and interesting tips in a very nutritive way with Nutritionist Prerna...

We believe in “Sustainable Healthy Weight Loss” (SHWL diet plans). We have successfully helped people to lose weight since 2010. See our individual client’s here.

Losing weight can be a real challenge for most people but under our expert Dietician Prerna’s guidance your weight loss journey will be a smooth sailing one. Dietician Prerna offers sustainable diet plans that result in healthy weight loss. These diet plans keep the excessive weight away for good.

Another of our specialized area is Child nutrition. The right nutrition is imperative to meet the needs and demands of babies, toddlers and school going children. We offer plans according to your child’s age tastes and preferences, so the child can easily follow the plan. We also design diet plans for overweight and obese children

What We Do?


We always wanted to help people who want to regain their health and developed a good and healthy nation. So, Dietician Prerna decided to help people through natural way of eating food. Dietician Prerna started her own clinic “Dietician Prerna Clinic” & developed different health programs according to the needs of clients/patients. With the help of our health programs we offer people an opportunity to improve their health and live a healthy life.

We believe in weight loss naturally. The diet plans we provide have no supplements, no medicine, no high proteins, no zero carbs diets, no fad diet, no chemicals and no starvation. Weight loss is brought about by optimum nutrition, balanced diet and is safe and natural.

Losing that excessive weight and keeping it away has immense benefits. Your risk of illness will be reduced dramatically and you will be a healthier individual with renewed confidence and overall happiness. So be ready to unleash a new healthy confident “You”.


We are getting most of our leads from our existing clients as they are referring to others and assuring them with proven results.

We are expert in both weight loss and weight gain i.e. “Weight Management” program.

We are also helping with diets to the clients suffering from diabetics, hypothyroidism and with other medical ailments.

Days and timings are different to visit both the clinics.

Therefore, who want to visit us, we request you to book an prior appointment to avoid inconvenience.

To see the timings and clinic address click here (link to contact us).

For online clients we do counselling over the phone, Skype and mail them the diets via e-mail.We also do the follow ups to help them better.


After getting the feedbacks from our clients from other sectors and other areas of Gurgaon, we planned to open another clinic in South City 1 to serve our clients better, so now we have 2 successfully running clinics in Gurgaon.

We are also running successfully with our online clientele. Most of them are happy and satisfied.

During my “Weight Management” journey with “Dietician Prerna Clinic” all I have gained is Confidence!! The most common feedback from our clients.

Key of successfully running our clinics is our Clients who are referring us to their friends and relatives which motivate us and at the same time remind us to maintain the best services and our client’s satisfaction.

Max weight loss: 55 kgs

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